Founded in 2006!

Although we began training in Laramie in 2003, restarting a dormant program from 10 years prior, we were not able to become a student organization until 2006. Currently the Wyoming Kendo and Iaido club is a registered student administered organization at the University of Wyoming that supports Kendo, Iaido and various related activities in Wyoming by coordinating with community participants, student participants, and members of Cheyenne Budokan.

Goodwill Kendo and Iaido!
We are all about Goodwill Kendo and Iaido practice! We have access to excellent instruction through Cheyenne, the RMKF, and many other opportunities and visiting Sensei as well. The Wyoming Kendo and Iaido club has had the good fortune to host Koike Sensei, Kyoshi 7th dan, and former AUSKF team coach twice. We had participants from South Dakota, Colorado, as well as Wyoming. Members also get out and train at RMKF events and other training events around the nation. Some of our members have even had the opportunity to train in Japan!

Sharing Kendo and Iaido!
The Wyoming Kendo and Iaido club performs several demonstrations per year on campus and in the community as well as participating in cultural awarness activities and fundraising activities both on and off campus.

Members of the Wyoming Kendo and Iaido club have competed in 2005 AUSKF Nationals, hosted the RMKF regional tournament in 2006, and in 2007 we competed in the Shoryuhai at Harvard, 2007 North American Women''s Kendo tournament, 2008 Denver Ito cup, and will be competing in the 2008 AUSKF Nationals. Tournaments take commitment and hard work, but everyone has a great time!

Club Sports!
The club is working to achieve Club Sport status in order to be able to compete as representatives of the University.

Community involvement!
Community Service is an integral part of a student organization:

Currently students are involved in community service projects including supporting Slade Elementary school Parent Teacher Association (PTA) with volunteers to help with the Rulon Gardner fundraiser.

Club philosophy:
To establish friendship and camraderie with university students and community members by participating in the practice of Kendo and/or Iaido as well as participating and supporting the various local, regional, and national events whenever possible. To adhere to the concept of Kendo and the purpose of practicing Kendo as prescribed by the All Japan Kendo Federation in 1975.

The officers of the Wyoming Kendo and Iaido club for 2008-2009 are:

* Richard Coles, President
* Vice President
* Secretary
* Tony Parilla, Treasurer

Faculty Advisor:

Mrs. Tawnya Plumb

Community Advisor:

Mrs. Kelli Perrotti

Instructor: Tullis Sensei
Assitant instructor: Mr. Benton

Farewell graduates!

The Wyoming Kendo and Iaido club congratulates you on completing your endeavors at school and wishes you good fortune in your future.

Class of 2008
Katie Rogers, served as club vice president for 2 semesters and also 3 semesters as president for the RSO as well as a competitor at the 2007 Shoryuhai in Harvard, the 2007 Seattle Women''s tournament, and 2008 AUSKF Kendo Nationals. She graduated with an degree in Microbiology from the College of Arts and Sciences and she will continue her studies at Harvard in the Fall of 2008. She attained the rank of 1st kyu during her tenure with the Wyoming Kendo and Iaido club and her efforts as coordinator and president will be missed.

Jon Ngai, participated in the 2007 Shoryuhai and graduates from the college of Arts and Sciences.

Bryan Gorges, was a Kendo participant and graduated with a degree in computer programming from the college of Arts and Sciences and is currently programming telescopes in Hawaii and has finally resumed practicing Kendo.

Class of 2007
Shawna Gleason practiced Kendo and Iaido, as well as a member of the RMKF/AUSKF in good standing and a native of Casper, Wyoming. She graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology.

Paul Lussier practiced Kendo and primarily Iaido, as well as a member of the RMKF/AUSKF. He is a native of Casper, Wyoming and Paul received a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Class of 2006
No members were part of class of 2006.

Class of 2005
Seth Ames practiced Kendo, and is a member of the RMKIF/AUSKF in good standing, he is a native of Vermont. He graduates this spring from the College of Arts and Sciences with a Bachelor of Science double major in Geology and Environment Resources.

Will Plumb practiced Kendo, and has completed a certification to teach Social Studies through the College of Education and holds a Bachelors degree in History.