Links and Resources

Our links and resources page is intended as a resource and suggestion of where to start looking for general information about Kendo and Iaido as well as some links to equipment suppliers(we do not specifically endorse one vendor). Also we have included links to places or groups that we find interesting, entertaining, or relaxing(Sake and Sushi).

Kendo organization

Rocky Mountain Kendo Federation

All United States Kendo Federation

All Japan Kendo Federation (AJKF) and International Kendo Federation (FIK)

Collegiate level Kendo in the United States, Canda, and Japan

United States


Carleton College, Minnesota


University of Waterloo


University of Tokyo

Individual or group Kendo websites we like

Halifax Kendo group located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Hawaii Kendo Federation

Kampai Budokai Belgian Budo website in English.

General Information

Sword Arts FAQ courtesy of Neil Gendzwill

General information courtesy of Purdue Kendo club


Kendo etiquette courtesy of Purdue Kendo club

Kendo terminology

Kendo terminology courtesy of Triangle Kendo and Iaido

Kendo Equipment Manual

Kendo Equipment Manual
Located on Fukuda Budogu website, it is available for free download in PDF. (Requires Adobe Japanese language support package to open).

Free Adobe Japanese Language support package is here.

Shinai Maintenance

General shinai maintenance. Courtesy of San Francisco Kendo Dojo website

Kendo, Iaido, or Wado Ryu Equipment Suppliers

Disclaimer: We do not specifically endorse any of the following companies.''


Bogu Bag

Bujin Design


Eiko Budogu

Eguchi USA

Koei Budogu

Maruyama Kendo Supply

Mugendo Budogu

Nosyuiaido also known as


Shiai and Shinpan Regulation

Regulations of Shiai and Shinpan for Kendo courtesy of MIT Kendo club in PDF format.

Online reading

Kendo Reader by Kyoshi Noma Hisashi(translation) courtesy of Norwegian Kendo Website located here. Please note they have an English language page.

Kendo Curriculum and Fundamentals courtesy of Hawaii Kendo Kenyu Kai.

The Iaido Journal Online

Kendo Magazine

Kendo-World the only English language Kendo Magazine!

Kendo Jidai

Kendo Nippon

Additional Kendo links

Kendo links (fairly comprehensive) Courtesy of Tom Bolling.

Iaido links

ZNKR Iaido photo guide to the kata, courtesy of Kampai Budokai website.

Muso Shinden Ryu video courtesy of

Japanese Sword Society of the United States

Sho-Shin by Robert Cole - good sword history

Japanese Sword Guide by Richard Stein

Aoi Art Tokyo

Nihonto US by Andrew Quirt - Juyo swords for sale

Nihonto Antiques website

Wado Ryu

Wikipedia -About Wado Ryu

Sugarhouse Dojo in Salt Lake City, UT

Colorado Wado Ryu in Ft. Collins, CO

Wado ryu in Britain

International Wado ryu organization

Wado-ryu Kata located on the International Wado-Ryu website

Other sites that we like!

(Disclaimer: We do not specifically or intentionally endorse or represent any product or company listed below.)''

Sake and a traditional Japanese meal?

Sake Online in the United States.

Domo Aikidio Dojo and Restaurant


Sonoda's Sushi

Sushi Zanmai

Sushi Restaurant Locator

Not Sushi:

Never go hungry again!
Rodizio Grill

When in Laramie, Wyoming try Altitude Chophouse and Brewery. Altitude Chophouse

When in Rapid City, South Dakota check out the Firehouse.

When near Rapid City, South Dakota stop by the Old Fashioned Pie and Ice Cream. 4 out of 5 Kenshi agree they have the best strawberry rubharb pie.

When traveling to 2005 AUSKF Nationals in Ann Arbor by car try Court Avenue Brewing Co. in Des Moines, Iowa.

Traditional Budo

Naginata and the United States Naginata Federation (USNF).

Kyudo or traditional style of Japanese Archery.

General Koryu information

Furyu: A website about koryu was once a magazine

E-Budo Online Forums with a kick!

E-Budokai a website with some information on classical Japanese Martial Arts

Taiko(Japanese Drumming):

San Jose Taiko group

Denver Taiko group

The Taiko group

Ikebana (Japanese Flower arranging)

Ikebana(Japanese flower arranging)

Chado (Japanese Tea Ceremony)

Chado group in Seattle, WA

Japanese Carpentry

Japanese Carpentry Museum in Kobe, Japan

Tokugawa Art Museum

Tokugawa Art Museum

Japan Information

Japanese American Society of Wyoming

Consulate General of Japan in Denver

Japan National Tourist Organization

Recommended Books

Kendo Reading

Kendo: Elements, Rules, and Philosophy
Author: Tokeshi, Jinichi
Published: 2003, University of Hawaii Press

Japanese-English Dictionary of Kendo
Author: All Japan Kendo Federation
Published: 2000 All Japan Kendo Federation and printed by
Satou-Inshokan Inc.

Kendo: The Definitive Guide
Author: Ozawa, Hiroshi
Illustrator: Yamaguchi, Tamiko
Translated by: Turzynski, Angela
Published: 1997, Kodansha International Ltd.

Fundamental Kendo: Condensed Publication Volume 1 and 2
Author: Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei
Published: 1991 All Japan Kendo Federation

Fundamental Kendo
Author: Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei
Published: 1974, Japan Publications
*This is a rare book and it is considered to be a collectors item

This is Kendo: The Art of Japanese Fencing
Author: Sasamori, Juno and Gordon Warner
Published: 1964 Tuttle Publishing, an imprint of Periplus Editions

Kendo Kata

Kendo Kata: Essence and Application
Author: Yoshihiko, Inoue
Published: 2003 Kendo World Publications

Nippon Kendo Kata Instruction Manual
Published: 2002 All Japan Kendo Federation

Iaido Reading

Japanese Swordsmanship: Technique and Practice
Author: Warner, Gordon and Donn F. Draeger
Published: 1982, Weatherhill Inc. of New York and Tokyo

Iaido Hongi: Muso Shinden Ryu, English Translation and Photo Technical Book
Author: Shigeyoshi, Yamatsuta
Published: 2004, Airyudo

Books on the Educational, Historical, or Philosophical aspects of Kendo and Iaido:

The Life-Giving Sword: Secret Teachings from the House of the Shogun
Author: Munenori, Yagyu
Translated by: Wilson, William Scott
Published: 2003, Kodansha International, Ltd.

Code of the Samurai: A modern translation of the Bushido Shoshinsu
Author and Translator: Cleary, Thomas
Published: 1999, Tuttle Publishing

Sword And Brush, The Spirit of the Martial Arts
Author: Lowry, Dave
Published: 1995, Shambala Publications, Inc.

The Taming of the Samurai: Honorific Individualism and the Making of Modern Japan
Author: Ikegami, Eiko
Published: 1995, President and Fellows of Harvard College; Harvard
University Press

Warriors of Japan as Portrayed in the War Tales
Author: Varley, Paul
Published: 1994, University of Hawai.i Press

The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi A new translation by Thomas Cleary; including the Book of Family Traditions on the Art of War by Yagyu Munenori
Author: Musashi, Miyamoto/Munenori, Yagyu
Translated by: Cleary, Thomas
Published: 1993 Barnes and Noble Books Inc. tbrough arrangement with
Shambala Publications, Inc.

Heavenly Warriors: The Evolution of Japan.s Military, 500-1300
Author: Farris, William Wayne
Published: 1992, The President and Fellows of Harvard College:
Harvard University Press

Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai
Author: Tsunetomo, Yamamoto
Translated by: Wilson, William Scott
Published: 1979, Kodansha International, Ltd.

The Samurai: A Military History
Author: Turnbull, Stephen
Published: 1977, Osprey Publishing, Ltd.
Reprinted: 2002, RoutledgeCurzon