Spring 2006 Newsletter for Wyoming Kendo, Iaido, and Wado-Ryu students


The 33rd Anniversary Rocky Mountain Budokan Kendo and Iaido tournament was held in Laramie on April 29th, 2006. A shinsa was held on
April 30th. See below for taikai and shinsa results.

Kendo and Iaido demonstration at FE Warren AFB in Cheyenne
May 12th . Contact Mr. Tullis for more information.

36th Annual Utah Open
May 13th

Kendo and Iaido classes resume in Laramie.
May 31st

Wyoming Kendo and Iaido club campus recruitment at the Union
June 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

South Dakota trip
June 23rd-25th
Details TBA

AUSKF Summer Kendo training camp
June 23rd-25th in Long Beach, CA

Obukan Kendo and Iaido seminar (PNKF)
July 6th-11th in Portland, OR

RMKIF Summer Iaido seminar*
July TBA

Wyoming Dojo camping trip and BBQ!
July TBA

Wado-Ryu conference in Park City, UT
August 10th-12th

RMKIF Summer Kendo Seminar
August TBA
Guest Instructor TBA

Fall Battle in the pasture
September TBA
Details TBA

Wyoming Kendo Gasshuku
October TBA
Guest Instructor: TBA

Wyoming Iaido Gasshuku
November TBA

RMKIF End of Year seminar
December TBA


There are too many who helped to thank each person individually and since everyone had a large part in making this tournament a memorable success, a heartfelt thanks to all for your effort, support, and participation at the April 29th Taikai and April 30th Shinsa!


This semester we wish Seth Ames a fond farewell. He will travel to Winnemucca, Nevada and take a position related to his degree until September and then the forces of fate and employment take him elsewhere.

Seth Ames is a 6-kyu in Kendo, and a member of the RMKIF/AUSKF in good standing, he is a native of Vermont. He graduates this spring from the College of Arts and Sciences with a Bachelor of Science double major in Geology and Environment Resources.

Additionally we congratulate Will Plumb, Sempai. He has completed a certification to teach Social Studies and holds a Bachelors degree in History.

Mr. Plumb is also a native of Vermont, but thankfully he and his wife Tawnya will remain in Laramie to pursue their careers.


Mr. Alain Blanchetot, Sempai from the Saskatoon Kendo club. He was a member of the Canadian Kendo Federation and has returned to Kendo after a few years hiatus while pursuing his career.

Summer class schedule in Laramie:

First class begins on Wednesday, May 31. Please register with Community Enrichment as soon as possible. Phone number is 307-766-6801. Community Enrichment is now accepting registration during normal business hours and you can also register online anytime or over the phone during their normal business hours. Please do not wait until the last minute to sign up, this class only runs with participation and we need your support to continue providing Kendo and Iaido in Laramie.

We will meet twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the summer on the following schedule:

* Mondays at the Half-Acre Gym (Racquetball court)
* Iaido: 530pm-630pm
* Kendo: 630pm-830pm

* Wednesdays at the College of Education Prep. Gym.
* Iaido: 700pm-800pm
* Kendo: 800pm-930pm

Summer carpool to Cheyenne!

Those of us living in Laramie are trying to organize a carpool to go to Kendo in Cheyenne on Tuesday and Thursday to save a little money on gas. Please contact Doug Benton for more information.

RSO recruitment opportunities:

Any students interested in helping to promote Kendo and Iaido on campus in Laramie? This June, every Friday at the Union, the Wyoming Kendo and Iaido club will maintain a presence for orientation.

Fall Demonstration:

This Fall semester we would like to have a large Kendo demonstration in Prexy’s pasture. Any and all volunteers are welcome, more to come on this event as well.

Tee shirts and tenugui:

Apparently there was no interest in ordering tee shirts or tenugui this spring. If you would like to participate in this project please visit the following website and then send me by e-mail which design you prefer. A vote will be tallied to determine two t-shirt designs, one serious and the other not serious. Design #3 with a slight adjustment has been selected for a tenugui.


Equipment Rental Due:

If you are going to be making use of your Kendo and/or Iaido equipment this summer, the please remember to pay the rental for summer as soon as possible. Good from May 6-August 28.

Rent is $45 for one item and $20 for additional item. Please remember this fee helps us to replace and repair equipment for the entire group.

If you are not planning to practice this summer, or not using the club equipment we have a shortage of equipment and a line of people that would like to make use of it for training.

Active Participation:

Cheyenne Budokan and Laramie dojo request a 65% minimum participation to be eligible for participation testing and special events. This is to ensure that you have the capacity for the exercise and do not injure yourself or others. If you take the summer off and do not practice, please do not expect to return to class this Fall and jump back into bogu right away. Again this is to prevent self-imposed injury as well as inadvertently injuring your partner.

Intermediate ranks:

A note on intermediate ranks (3rd kyu to 1st dan).
This is a time to develop and refine the basics that we have learned at this point as well as to begin to train in some of the intermediate concepts and techniques. Make your rei-ho, exercise, and knowledge of the important Kendo and Iaido concepts an example for the junior students to follow.

All of the information is available to you through active participation in class. We need your support to continue to improve Kendo and Iaido in Wyoming. Preparation outside of class is highly encouraged.

33rd Anniversary RMKIF Taikai Results:

Iaido Taikai:''


* 1st Jon Lambert (RMB)
* 2nd Logan Brillard (Greeley)
* 3rd Charlie Doubek (RMB)


* 1st Nate Turnhall (RMB)
* 2nd Mike Necker (RMB)
* 3rd Doug Benton (Wyoming)


* 1st David Richards (RMB)
* 2nd Marty Heppinstill (RMB)


* 1st Monica Iwakabe (RMB)
* 2nd Troy Pettyjohn (Greeley)
* 3rd Mike Pattarozzi (RMB)

Kendo Taikai:''

Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko Ho:

* 1st Jon Seay and Jason Wong (RMB)
* 2nd Doug Benton and Christine Cunningham (Wyoming)
* 3rd Shawna Gleason and Kelli Perrotti (Wyoming)

Individual Shiai:''

Women’s Division:

* 1st Kelli Perrotti (Wyoming)
* 2nd Christine Cunningham (Wyoming)
* 3rd Katie Rogers (Wyoming)

Men’s Division:


* 1st Seth Rismiller (RMB)
* 2nd Ervin Caballes (RMB)
* 3rd Tony Bodwin (RMB)

Open Division:


* 1st Charlie Doubek (RMB)
* 2nd Jon Lambert (RMB)
* 3rd A.J. Michaels (South Dakota)


* 1st Monica Iwakabe (RMB)
* 2nd Nick Ko (RMB)
* 3rd Jon Seay (RMB)

Team Competition:

* 1st Brad Holmes, Daniel Baldwin, A.J. Michaels (Nebraska)
* 2nd Jon Seay, Charlie Doubek, Seth Rismiller (RMB)
* 3rd Michael Curtis, John McMillen, Kelli Perroti (C.U. Boulder)

Most Improved:

* Seth Rismiller (RMB)

Umemoto Sensei Cup:

* Monica Iwakabe (RMB)

30th April Shinsa results
Congratulations to the following persons for a job well done during the shinsa.


6 kyu''
* Bryan Gorges
* Christopher Lange

5 kyu''
* Christine Cunningham
* Katie Rogers

4 kyu''
* Beth Foote
* Jon Ngai
* Kelli Perrotti

3 kyu''
* Paul Mancini (South Dakota)
* Matt Martineau
* A.J. Michaels (South Dakota)

* No Wyoming members tested.