Congratulations are in order for the following persons:


Attain rank of 6th kyu:

Cunningham, Christine

Lussier, Paul

Plumb, Will


Attain rank of 6th kyu:

Ames, Seth

Foote, Beth

Haney, Joe

Ngai, Jon

Perrotti, Kelli

Rogers, Katie

Attain rank of 4th kyu:

Froidevaux, Ben

Attain rank of 2nd kyu:

Brillard, Logan

Longhurst, Colin

Attention Kendo students:

In order to maintain a proficient level of Kendo exercise we need to train on a fairly consistent basis. We have been asked to ensure reasonable quality of training by instituting a few recommendations to administer an effective Kendo program. The following has been arranged to more directly benefit the students and allow for merit based Kendo promotions to continue. Our desire is to allow each person to maximize their learning and experience in Kendo at a special training, a test, or a tournament. In order to do this accurately and effectively, the following is implemented:

Regular Kendo class:

There is no stipulation or requirement to attend normal scheduled Kendo class.

Special training seminars either in Wyoming or Denver.

-Active participation in locally held classes. This means each participant should have a reasonable record of class attendance of no less than 65%.

Shinsa(test for rank)

-Active participation as defined above.

-Hourly requirement

-Individual practice equivalent to class time is highly recommended

-Current AUSKF/RMKIF membership

-6 hours of training under direct supervision of Cheyenne Budokan.


-Active participation as defined above.

-Current AUSKF/RMKIF membership.

-Attend pre taikai training seminar(s).

Important points in Kendo to consider:

Special training, shinsa, and taikai are all an integral part of the overall Kendo exercise, and we wish to encourage as many persons as possible to participate however if your schedule does not always line up with the times and dates that training is offered, this is to be taken in stride. We hope that at some point people experiencing schedule conflicts will be able to attend classes regularly. If schedule conflicts are an issue, please understand that it may take longer to be eligible to test than the average, or if scheduling is very tight, it may be longer before being eligible to attend a special seminar.

Consistent training at the local dojo!

-Active participation.

Attention Iaido Students:

In order to ensure that we are prepared for seminars, shinsa(test), or taikai(tournament), the following guidelines are implemented to ensure that each person is able to maximize their experience at any of the following events.


Anyone can attend and participate in Iaido class, age of 16 years and above or instructor approval required.

Special seminar in Denver.

-Active participation at locally held classes.

-3 hours training under supervision of Cheyenne Budokan

-Proper wear of uniform

-correct rei-ho

-ability to perform all 12 sei-tei-iai kata

-Practice outside of class equivalent to time in class is highly recommended.


-Active participation at locally held classes.

-6 hours training under supervision of Cheyenne Budokan

-Hourly requirements

-Proper wear of uniform

-correct rei-ho

-ability to perform all 12 sei-tei-iai kata in testing format

-practice outside of class equivalent to time in class is highly recommended.


-All of the requirements for special seminar.

-Attendance at pre taikai seminar(s).

RSO (registered student organization):

We are hoping to complete the requirements to become accepted as a registered student organization called the Wyoming Kendo and Iaido club. This is related to increasing student interest in Kendo and Iaido classes that are offered in Laramie. The benefits include easier access to University of Wyoming facilities for training and the potential to become a club sport and participate or host competitions among other universities around the nation. Approximately 5-8 division I schools have Kendo teams, including MIT and Harvard, and this would be an opportunity for students to compete and train with students from these schools, as well as promote goodwill Kendo.

Officers have been selected for the upcoming year, however we need to collect signatures from students to meet a minimum of 12 university students. Officers are all active and current AUSKF/RMKIF members.

The Wyoming Kendo and Iaido club will also promote traditional Japanese arts such as Ikebana(flower arranging), and other martial arts with a classical training emphasis such as Wado Ryu (Karate). We can provide information and points of contact for those seeking training or exposure to these arts.

The Kendo club will be responsible for organization(or assistance to organize) free of charge, public demonstrations of Kendo and Iaido in the state of Wyoming when requested. Participants do not have to be club members.

There are no committees currently but the potential exists for the following:


-Seminar and shinsa (testing)

-Taikai or tournament

Currently there are no dues for the Kendo club, and we plan to keep this club a free club operating with the desire to expose the student body and public to Kendo and Iaido as well as other arts such as Ikebana. The Kendo and Iaido club may establish relations with other schools or universities in Japan with an emphasis to provide a unique cultural experience for participants interested in Japanese sword arts as well as other Japanese arts that are part of classic budo.

The Kendo and Iaido club is empowered to raise funds as necessary to purchase equipment for club use and provide monetary assistance for attendance at competitions. Fundraisers will be announced as they occur. All funds raised are directed to benefit Kendo, and Iaido in Wyoming and not for personal gain or indiscriminant use by student participants.

Other information and happenings around the federation:

-The Detroit Taikai(Kendo) is happening in February. If you are interested please contact an instructor.

-Thank you for a wonderful year, the Laramie dojo is hosting a pot luck and End of Year party at 5pm on Friday December 16th, 2005. We will watch some Kendo footage of RMKIF team and individual competition as well as some footage of the Koike Sensei training seminar, and plenty of good food. Please come and sign a Christmas card for Iwakabe Sensei and Koike Sensei.

-The website should be up and functional again in the next few weeks.

-Sign up for Kendo and Iaido at the Beta House as soon as possible and please remember to pay equipment rental fees as soon as possible after you return!

-AUSKF and RMKIF dues usually happen around mid February to early March.

Lastly, A quote to consider:

Michi wa Kannen ni Yorazu Jissen Seyo

The way is attained through training not contemplation.

Gambatte! Have a great Holiday season, for those of you traveling please travel safely, and we look forward to starting the year with familiar faces and some new faces too!