The last week in Laramie is already here! Most of you are aware that this Wednesday is our last class until the summer session begins. For the students we wish you the best of luck with your finals. After class on Wednesday, we are going to head over to the Library for some refreshments.

If you can practice in Cheyenne during our break, please do so. Training is Tuesday and Thursday 630-800pm at Cheyenne Budokan. Contact Will Plumb or myself for transportation.

Summer Schedule

Our summer schedule resumes Tuesday, May 17th. For whatever reason our summer session has been divided up into two sessions, please sign up for both of the summer sessions. It would take me some time to explain exactly why and how the class was divided but please sign up for both. Currently it appears that our schedule will be Tuesdays and Thursdays every week at the following times.

430-530pm Iaido

530-630pm Beginning Kendo

630-730pm Kendo

Location: 3 North or 3 South. We are still waiting to hear about that.

Please be 10-15 minutes early so that we can start on time.

AUSKF Nationals team members


Congratulations are in order to the following persons who will represent Wyoming and RMKIF!

Colin Longhurst, Junior Youth Division Individual

Rachel Preston, Women''s Division Individual

Ben Froidevaux, Men''s Division Individual and Men''s Team alternate

Doug Benton, Men''s Division Individual and Men''s Team alternate

Mr. Tullis, Senior Division Individual

If you are competing at Nationals please do not miss the following training dates:

May 14th and 28th 12-3pm

June 11-12th Summer Training

July 2-3 AUSKF Nationals Ann Arbor, Michigan

Attention spectators and competitors:

If you would like a bento(Japanese box lunch) the fee is $10 per day. Farewell party fee is $50 and includes dinner buffet, DJ, and a bar. Both Iwakabe Sensei and Tullis Sensei have encouraged us to show our support if we can. Please get me the information and payment by 13th of May so I can take Iwakabe Sensei a list and payment for Wyoming.

Travel and lodging arrangements will be discussed and made in the next 3 weeks.

Cheyenne Seminar and shinsa practice:

May 7-8 at Cheyenne Budokan. Cost is $5 donation to Cheyenne Budokan. Oconnor Sensei from South Dakota as well as Tullis Sensei and myself will be there. Also, Kwon Sensei from CU Boulder may be there. Training is 9-430pm both days.

RMKF Summer Camp:

Please let me know by May 13th if you plan to attend June 11th and 12th Summer Kendo Training and Shinsa in Denver. I also need to get this information and a payment to Iwakabe Sensei very soon. Cost is $85 to attend and $25 if you would like a tee shirt. Please let me know size of tee shirt.

Website: The core concept of the website has been accomplished. More to come on that.

RSO(Registered Student Organization) Status: Also in work, we will have more information about this soon.

Recruitment: In order to maintain RSO status we need to have an active membership of UW students. During the first week of school for the Fall Semseter we hope to have a table in the Union to get the information out about Kendo and Iaido in Laramie. I''m hoping to have volunteers to sit at the table and answer questions, hand out pamphlets. More to come on this as well.

Koike Sensei Visit: It is quite possible that Koike Sensei, one of the AUSKF Men''s Team coaches and one of the top American Kendoists is planning to come to Laramie and offer a 2 day training seminar. This will be an event not to miss. Please make every effort to attend. As a schedule shapes up, I will ensure that it is passed on to everyone.

Kendo and Iaido training seminars in Wyoming: We are moving back to 1 local training event per semester. Please make every effort to attend these, as we usually have guest instructors from out of State who take time from their schedules to train with us.

Train Diligently!