It has been a good semester so far, and we have had a lot of fun training as well as some great training seminars. I would like to thank all of you for attending as much as you can. The end of the spring semester is fast approaching, and I look forward to returning

to school as well as continuing Kendo and Iaido in Laramie.

Want to practice Kendo/Iaido between Spring and Summer semesters?

Tullis Sensei has graciously offered dojo space in Cheyenne to us for free during his normal scheduled Kendo class. Kendo class in Cheyenne is on Tuesday and Thursday in the evening. If there is enough interest, a carpool to Cheyenne can be organized.

Summer semester schedule in Laramie:

Unfortunately, our schedule was moved from Monday and Wednesday to Tuesday and Thursday starting May 17th. I am waiting to find out what times we will be able to practice.

Practice location:

At this point we plan to use the Half-Acre facilities either 3 North or 3 South, but we are faced with some challenging issues in this area. If anyone has any ideas concerning a facility that might be better, cheaper, and allow us to practice longer, please contact me.

Please bear in mind that we schedule a regular practice and it would be extremely difficult to have Kendo/Iaido in a facility on a tentative basis.

May training Seminar in Laramie:

We have a tentative schedule for May 6th, 7th, and 8th here in Laramie

to host a training seminar that will cover shinsa(testing) procedures. Whether or not you plan on testing in Denver this training will be very valuable and provide insight as to how a test will operate. We hope to host Tullis Sensei, Oconnor Sensei from South Dakota, and Kwon Sensei from CU Boulder as well as some of Kwon Sensei''s senior

students. May 6th in the evening will be a shinai maintenance, and bogu care potluck. We have some club shinai that are in need of attention so please show up if you can. May 7th and 8th will review and expand on most of what we covered this semester, with a test practice on the 8th and possibly a shiai and shinpan review after the test. The location and cost will be announced soon. Cost is expected to be around $40. This is a tentative date.

Summer training in Denver:

For those of you that have not contacted me about either Kendo or Iaido special training in Denver please do so as soon as you can. As stated last time, the cost is $85 to attend, $25 if you would like a t-shirt, and there is a testing fee as well as a menjo(certificate)

fee. The testing fee and certificate fee are paid on the day of the test. Please contact me before the 10th of May. If I will not see you between April 27th and May 17th, please let me know on the 27th of April.

Hours attendance requirement:

In order to ensure good continuity for training at the RMKF dojo in Englewood, CO, Cheyenne Budokan and Laramie Kendo/Iaido are considering implementing an hours requirement for special training seminars in Denver as well as seminars held in Wyoming. More will be announced on this at a later date.

Nationals training:

April 9th and April 23rd are the next training sessions for AUSKF Nationals. RMKF team tryouts will be held on the 23rd. We are very honored to have such a large contingent of willing participants from Laramie. The next AUSKF nationals will be held in 3 years, which gives us plenty of time to train. For those of you that asked about attending the Nationals tryouts as spectators, you are more than welcome to do so. Iwakabe Sensei has asked that we come down on Friday night and attend class on April 22nd.

RSO(Registered Student Organization) Status:

Attention all UW students. In order to continue providing Kendo and Iaido in Laramie it is imperative that we consider working towards RSO Status. This will help us to provide Kendo and Iaido in a more cost effective fashion in Laramie. Not only will it help reduce costs, it will allow us access to more facilities for much less than we currently have to pay. The most important consideration with RSO status is to ensure that we not only provide Kendo and Iaido for students but that we continue to provide Kendo and Iaido to all of those who are willing to train. Our community member participants are equally important to us and they need to know that we appreciate their commitment and dedication to Kendo and Iaido. Our RSO status will not change how or who we offer Kendo/Iaido classes. More to come on this as well.

Community Members:

Please know that the purpose of an RSO associated with Kendo and Iaido in Laramie will have the specific goal of fostering the growth of Kendo and Iaido across all demographics, and the student run club will not ignore the needs and participation of the community members, the goal is really to establish Kendo and Iaido within the student area in

order to provide better and cheaper access to Kendo and Iaido training facilities either on or off campus for all of us. Basically we are hoping to be able to continue to provide Kendo and Iaido in Laramie while decreasing the cost of participating in class and attending training seminars in Laramie. Unless otherwise directed all meetings of a UW Kendo/Iaido RSO will be open to community members.

Early Sign up for 2005 Summer semester:

For those of you currently attending class, you can sign up for the summer session as soon as the room fee is calculated. I have already sent Kendra Gage a list of the current participants who I hope will continue on through the summer. If you know anyone that wants to start Kendo or Iaido this summer please encourage them to sign up early as well.

Traveling this summer?

If you are a current RMKF/AUSKF member and plan to travel this summer, please contact me and let me know. There are Kendo dojo in nearly every state, and if you pass by one in your travels I encourage you to practice with them. Please note that it is considered proper manners to notify me as well as Tullis Sensei and the RMKF President, Iwakabe Sensei. It is also considered proper manners to contact the dojo that you intend to visit. In years gone by a letter of introduction was required.

AUSKF Nationals Trip:

Whether or not you are on the team, you are cordially invited to take the road trip with me to Ann Arbor, Michigan to support the RMKF team and watch the AUSKF Nationals tournament. It looks like we will probably leave on the 29th of June and get back on the 5th of July. The more folks that go the cheaper the costs of getting there will be. At this point we are hoping to rent a van and share expenses. More details to come. Hotel reservations, etc. should be made by June 1st.

Webpage ideas?

We are currently in the process of working on a webpage for Wyoming Kendo and Iaido. If you have any ideas or suggestions please get in touch with any of the following individuals: Will Plumb, Jason Clark or Bryce Kelly.

A special thanks and fond farewell:

Kendra Gage, the programs coordinator for Community Enrichment, will be moving by the end of this summer and taking a new position in California. If you happen to stop by her office, please thank her for all of her hard work and dedication towards keeping Kendo and Iaido available in Laramie. Many of you may not be aware that she has been

one of our staunchest supporters and has helped to ensure that we have gym space, photocopies, and points of contact to continue training in Kendo and Iaido. She has worked very hard behind the scenes for all of us.