Hope spring break was good for everyone! Training resumes on Sunday, the 20th at noon.

Just wanted to say thank you to all of the folks who made it to the March shiai & shinpan training session here in Laramie. Great work everybody, good effort was put forth by all and both Tullis Sensei and Oconnor Sensei asked me to let you all know they also had a good time working with all of you.

We have been extraordinarily fortunate to host a much higher than average number of special training sessions with visiting instructors here in Laramie this semester. The main focus of these long seminars is to elevate our level of knowledge and ability in Kendo and also it is good exposure to the mental and physical requirements of training

in Denver. All of the techniques and practices are covered in our normal class, so please come to that as often you can.

I do not general offer a quote but this one I find of high value and credibility in regards to Kendo and Iaido.

It is better to train in one style one hundred times than to train in one hundred styles once. ~As quoted from the Kendo Reader originally written in 1930''s by Noma Hisashi, Kyoshi 7th Dan Kendo.

The purpose of a Kendo or Iaido training seminar (most especially training in Denver) is to ensure that we can do proper fundamentals, help us improve our current level of exercise, and present us with various challenging and beneficial exercise that we may not have covered here in Laramie. As previously mentioned, attendance at such events helps you build on the fundamental exercise that you have, gain experience, and also helps your peers and colleagues by generating an atmosphere that shows your dedication and support towards not only yourself but your fellow Kendoka and the art of Kendo.

Even though we have presented a lot of information this semester in Laramie, it really is just the tip of the iceberg. By training in Denver you will gain valuable instruction from all of the RMKF instructors. Training seminars and shinsa(test)usually only occurs twice a year in Denver.

Upcoming training in Laramie: May 6th, 7th, and 8th. These dates are tentative due to the possibility of RMKF training for Nationals being scheduled on the same time. Cost and location are TBA.

If you missed the last special seminar please make an extra effort to attend this training.

May 6th Friday (Possible bogu and shinai maintenance potluck). Saturday and Sunday will be Shinsa (test) practice with Tullis Sensei and other potential instructors; Oconnor Sensei from Rapid City, SD and Kwon Sensei from Boulder, CO as well as the potential for Kendoka from both of those dojo, as well as Greely and the Cheyenne dojo.

We will review kata, kihon exercises, plus ji-gieko, and shiai as well. Even if you are not planning on testing or are not a member of the RMKF/AUSKF, this will give you an idea of what a shinsa can be like. For those that have already tested this will be a good exercise to prepare yourself for future tests.

There is no secret to success. Show up and give 100% and do your best Kendo or Iaido. Most importantly have fun. The Sensei will provide feedback so that you can have an idea of what to focus on to improve your overall exercise.

There will be a written test. Please know the following:

Parts of a shinai

Parts of a bokken

Concept of Kendo

Purpose of Practicing Kendo

Also, focus on the core concepts and fundamental ideas of most basic and proper Kendo, ki-ken-tai-ichi, zanshin, seme, etc. More advanced students should also be able to let their theoretical knowledge show in their Kendo as well as have an idea about more advanced concepts like timing difference between Sen-no-sen or Go no Sen. Please refer

to the RMKF handout, it contains all of the information required of kendshi on a written test. If you do not have one please contact me and I will ensure that you have the material to study. Look at the AUSKF website for further guidance on shinsa requirements as well as guidance to the above mentioned concepts.

RMKF Summer training for Kendo:

June 11th and 12th cost is $85. T-Shirt is $25.

Suggestions for those who plan on attending Summer training.

-First and foremost, those who have not attended a winter training session or special training session in Laramie should deeply consider their own level of exercise, fitness, ability, etc. before committing to RMKF summer training. This is not to discourage anyone, but please be aware that training is challenging. Also, reflect upon your attendance to the regularly scheduled classes in addition to the exercise that has been presented here in special training.

-If you have the ability to dedicate time towards cardiovascular exercise I highly encourage you to start cardio training as soon as you can. Running, riding a bike, 1000 jump suburi 10 times a day, etc. are all very good cross-training ideas.

-If this is your first time training in Denver, please know that it will be very challenging both physically and mentally. Do your best! Do not hurt yourself by pushing beyond the limits of your physical abilities.

-Remember this is technical/physical/mental training designed to improve what you already know and to increase your level of knowledge and ability in Kendo from where you are now.


If you have rank in Kendo or have practiced for many years, generally your exercise and manners will reflect this. Sempai are the senior students, for example Mr. Plumb is one of our senior students in Laramie. Sempai are really the persons in the dojo who must set the example for the kohai or junior person to follow. Please act accordingly. We must be aware of and follow best manners whenever possible. To not do so is bad form, and at the RMKF dojo, we are under scrutiny at all times. The reason behind this is to ensure

that we can properly follow the prescribed exercise in such things as rei-ho and also to ensure that we can represent our federation correctly at National and International events or whenever there are visiting students/instructors, etc.

A website is currently under construction for Wyoming Kendo/Iaido! Contributions and ideas appreciated. Please e-mail me with comments or suggestions for a website.

Train Diligently!